18 August 2021


S4GA heads in the right direction, as the world heals
By Lulu M

In this day and age of heightened awareness, S4GA’s values and spot on offerings of solar runway lighting has secured its relevance in today’s holistic component in growth strategies.

From clean energy to scalability advantage, it’s no wonder S4GA has been focusing on its solar permanent airfield lighting for Asian airports, where its benefits lie in fast & easy installation – no civil works (no trenching, no digging, no cabling), the system’s 365 days a year on solar energy operation ability, and its easy maintenance where airport personnel can perform.

This also means that the APAC market is among S4GA’s high-priority markets. “Rapid development of airport infrastructure in the region, increasing tourism, lots of airports located on remote places, a lot of sun (solar energy resources) – makes S4GA solar airfield lighting the perfect solution for airports in the region,” explained Olga Ziniuk, Marketing Manager of S4GA.

In addition, taking into account the current COVID situation, the company’s extended offerings have only been an added ease. For example, the installation and maintenance of S4GA’s lighting requires a minimum number of engineers, while the company also provides online trainings and troubleshooting materials for engineers.

“99% of maintenance of S4GA solar airfield lighting can be performed by airport people under the online supervision of S4GA’s technical team. Again, it’s about safety. Less physical contact equals less risk,” rationalised Olga.

In addition, Olga reiterated that what they offer is a cost-saving technology. “Total investment in S4GA solar airfield lighting is 30—50% less compared to traditional wired airfield lighting. The money saved with S4GA solution, airports can use for implementation of other critical projects,” expounded Olga.

Olga Ziniuk
Marketing Manager

For S4GA, the top 3 trends they see themselves already part of include the use of contactless technologies and digitalization in all processes and systems possible; the use of renewable technologies (Airport Carbon Accreditation and similar programs); and the rapid development of regional aviation on all continents, including Asia.

And the silver lining?

Despite of the fact that the aviation industry had almost stopped during 2020, and it caused huge damage for people and companies involved in this sector, we can see that international aviation institutions and national governments are ‘converting’ the negative aspects of the situation into opportunities.

“Airports are implementing projects and improving critical systems that they were unable to do during ‘normal’ operating mode. Upgrading security systems, upgrading terminals and airside equipment, increasing safety of airport flight operations, providing trainings for airport stuff – all these that COVID did not interrupt. Airports are actively running all these projects, which is leading to improvement of a global airport industry in general,” Olga elaborated, noting as well that digitalization is the future for most of industries, including aviation. It simplifies processes, which ultimately means saving time – the most important and most deficient resource the world has to manage today.

Olga concluded logging the kind of values she thinks will maintain relationships no matter the contingency – that of being a reliable partner and keeping high levels of trust despite any political, economic, or cultural changes.

“However, the most important is safety, and with regards to our airfield lighting solutions in particular, it’s safety for pilots, it’s safety of airport flight operations.

“Being a reliable partner also means that S4GA supports its customers and partners at all stages of any project implementation – from design & planning to after-sales support and maintenance,” Olga concluded.