ADVEEZ shares its thoughts about smart airports and their role in the aviation industry with IASEA. Learn more about FAMA, Localeez, and other forward-thinking projects it has contributed to airport operations. Read more below.


Q: What is the most innovative and forward-thinking project Adveez has delivered to date, and as a result, how has it accelerated its airport operation efficiency? 

ADVEEZ launched new functionalities in 2022 through its connected module FAMA and its application and web platform Localeez. OSHA check list to simplify operation procedures. The most innovative feature is the real-time GHG emission report on GSE, which allows you to optimize your fleet management and meet all airport sustainability requirements. The FAMA module is capable of tracking all current electric and fuel GSE greenhouse gas emissions. The report shows energy consumption and the emissions linked to it. Knowing precisely what your emissions are simplifies measurement and improvement steps for a sustainable airport.

Q: After 2 years of industry change, airport advancement, and digital acceleration, what are some of the challenges airports in Asia are facing now and how are they keeping up with their European counterparts? 

For the first time since 2011, the Asian market is falling behind Europe and the Americas in terms of growth. The main reason is that China is still pretty closed. Despite the fact that a new opening is scheduled for 2022, the Asian market is still not back to its former glory. However, once China opens, all Asian airports will quickly regain momentum in growth and regain their position as the fastest-growing markets worldwide. More than 170 new airports ("green field airports") are being planned for the APAC region right now or are under construction already. This will inevitably have a significant impact on ADVEEZ, as will the environmental effects of building new airports, which must be mitigated to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, ADVEEZ has a realistic chance to help reduce the carbon footprint of airports with our emissions monitoring and reporting features, as well as by reducing overall engine hours and thus carbon emissions.


Q: What are your thoughts about Smart Airports? How do you think this can change the future of the aviation industry and how can Adveez play a role in this? 

Smart airports are the future objectives for many stakeholders, and digitization is in progress around the globe. We have a high demand for actionable data on the ground in order to perform and track efficiencies and real measurements, particularly for all GHG emissions. With A-to-Z solutions dedicated to airport digitization, ADVEEZ is the first step to building the future of smart airports. Reliable real-time data is essential for accurate operation monitoring and management. ADVEEZ solutions make digitization real for ground handling operations today.