7 July 2021


Pteris Global’s ride through COVID, not unscathed, but with added gumption
By Lulu M

Pteris Global Limited, a leading global integrated solutions provider of airport facility equipment, including Baggage Handling, Inflight Catering Handling System, and Materials Handling, has stood its ground through the storm of the pandemic by thinking creatively and acting practically. This also includes a dash of bravery.

Managing Director of Pteris Global Limited, Daniel Goh, noted that while the entire aviation industry is affected, he has turned his sight on other industries to keep things going.

“The industries that are least affected are medical and pharmaceutical, courier services, warehousing, and cold storage, to name a few. These industries have brought us revenue, via the supply of material handling systems, to balance up the loss in aviation.” (The company also manufactures and supplies Materials Handling Systems and Automated Parking Systems for other commercial sectors.)

Alongside servicing other industries, Pteris Global Limited has also accelerated expansion to make sure they remain relevant in a post-COVID world.

Daniel Goh
Managing Director
Pteris Global Limited

“COVID-19 has affected our business and lives,” Daniel reflected. “Travel restrictions, quarantine, and staff safety are our concerns. To minimize the impact, we were swift and decisive in embarking into remote testing, resource pulling, and support from our subsidiaries to overcome the situation. 

“In addition to this, we have a dedicated team who continue to brave the storm and travel to resolve issues in countries that permit us to do so.”

Thus, in light of some necessary evils, Daniel has to continuously balance doing business without compromising the welfare of his staff.

“We strive to do everything we can to ensure we meet our clients’ requirements and expectations, despite the increase in shipment cost, the lock-downs and the travel restrictions. The pressuring issue at this moment is to get all our staffs vaccinated, and with a strong and healthy team, we are confidence to take on any challenge,” Daniel noted hearteningly.

Acknowledging that while COVID has brought losses and setbacks, it has also created new opportunities, such as seeing the company’s 5-year plan that was set in 2018, go into a more innovative route of testing systems remotely, with Daniel also mentioning Pteris Global Limited’s new JARVIS system.

In line with this goal, the company’s most immediate investments for 2021—2022 will be IT related, which will include the acquisition of companies with related airport products.

“Pteris is looking into acquisition of companies that will increase the portfolio.” Daniel revealed. However, due to confidentiality tenets and NDA terms, the company is unable to disclose further information at this time. These discretions continue into Pteris Global Limited’s up and coming products currently in R&D stage.

What Daniel can say is that “on the IT side, we have been exploring efficient solutions that can integrate technology and management to adapt to the ever-changing market environment.”


Examples include:

  • OS system full deployment on Virtual Platform, independent of hardware for easy system deployment
  • All software solutions to be web based, with mobile support
  • Improvements to Pteris Global Limited’s remote testing capabilities