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Why Singapore?

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Singapore is a major air, sea and telecommunications hub in Asia. From its strategic position, it offers market access to 4 billion people within a 7-hour flight radius. With flights from 300 cities in 60 international destinations, Singapore is easily accessible from anywhere around the world. Changi International Airport receives almost 7000 flights a week, providing convenience and effective connectivity for corporate travellers.

Dynamic, efficient, accessible and at the forefront of innovation for both business and leisure, Singapore offers a wide range of possibilities to help you deliver success.

It has all the basics of a good host: a great business environment, world-class facilities and infrastructure, professional services, exclusive event venues and cool attractions, all in a rich and unique Asian setting like nowhere else.

There's so much to see and do in vibrant Singapore. From scrumptious dining to one-of-a-kind shopping and heart-thumping entertainment, there is a myriad of inspiring experiences in this island-city.

Traveller Essentials


Singapore is hot and humid all year round, with temperatures reaching highs of over 30°C. Rain storms are unpredictable, and often torrential but brief.

Power Plug

The standard electrical current in Singapore is 220-240 volts AC (50 cycles). Power plugs are large with three square prongs, similar to the UK.

Closure Information

Hotels, attractions, shops and restaurants are open seven days a week. Small businesses such as hawker stalls often close one day of the week and during festive holidays.

GST Refund

Apply for a refund on the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) when you make purchases worth more than 100SGD from participating outlets. Please visit for more information.

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