[ Indonesia ] Airport operator to build Soekarno-Hatta II

10 November 2017

State-owned airport operator PT Angkasa Pura II (AP II) has said it plans to construct Soekarno-Hatta International Airport II in Tangerang, Banten, to accommodate the increasing number of passengers and planes, kompas.comreported over the weekend.

AP II president director Muhammad Awaluddin estimated that the number of passengers that would fly through the airport would reach 100 million annually by 2025, while the capacity of the existing airport was only about 60 million.

“Even after the construction of Runway 3 and Terminal 4 of the existing airport, it would not be able to accommodate the number of passengers and planes that pass through the airport,” Awaluddin said in Jakarta over the weekend.

As for the location of Soekarno-Hatta II, Awaluddin said the company was still considering several locations, including an area near the existing airport or another area close to the northern coast of Tangerang.

He said that a team was now conducting feasibility studies. (bbn)

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Credit: The Jakarta Post
Credit link: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/10/30/airport-operator-to-build-soekarno-hatta-ii.html

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